There is no context that can define a clear border between art and design. There are certainly many area’s of intersection. Methodology and techniques don’t establish limits of one or the other. More than the piece itself or where it is placed, what really draws the line between art and design for me is the intention behind the creative act.

Luna’s Lounge Chair

For her exam project Luna (intern at Atelier Jungblut) created this lounge chair and graduated with her work this year. We wish her all the best in the future.

33th edition of KunstRAI Art Amsterdam

KunstRAI Art Amsterdam is the longest running art fair for contemporary autonomous and applied art in the Netherlands: a public fair with over seventy quality galleries that reflect the diversity of the rich Dutch offer of contemporary art, applied art and design. Visitors will find autonomous painting, sculpture, photography and graphic art as well as…

A sneak peak

Wood, the aroma of it is ubiquitous. You smell it, see it and can feel it; you can even taste it in the air, for every surface is covered with shavings. Upon entering the atelier, there is no mistaking; Max Jungblut is an artisan. Yet, his craftsmanship extends far beyond the creation of mere commodities.…

The Coffee table book

I’m so pleased with my new coffee table book. After publishing straight forward catalogues of my work for years (they never held up to the creative standard i desired). The frustration of the catalogue being out of date in just a few months, sometimes even faster, my graphic designer came up with an idea of…