The Club Fauteuil family mirrors the artistic approach seen in earlier works by Max Jungblut, such as Untitled (Couch), in which the designer negates the primarily practical-oriented functions of furniture and the purely aesthetic forms of the autonomous art object to create an in-between form, or perhaps rather a form that includes both.

Where Untitled (Couch) was characterised by its monumentality and size, the Club Fauteuil family introduces a lightness and ergonomic quality that can be defined as a playful artistic gesture within the existing space of the interior. The organic structure of its lines highlights the way in which light gently interacts and plays with the piece, almost transforming it constantly as the day progresses.

These latest pieces by Max Jungblut underline the design principles that have been the backbone of the process of the designer for years, blurring the lines between archetypical, primal forms and contemporary, modern slick design. As such, the piece brings out the best in both traditional and modern interiors.