Club 111 polyethylene

Max Jungblut’s one person chair 111% club is unique in it’s kind, super comfortable and ergonomic. This chair is made with Polyethylene. This material is extremely durable, low in maintenance and it contains a UV stabilisator. The chair can be ordered in custom colours.


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Polyethylene, one of the most common variations of plastic, is often used in the production of bags, bottles, containers and other mass produced items. But did you know, when properly manufactured, that polyethylene also can be used to create nearly indestructible, durable & affordable furniture products that can be used in public spaces.

We produce our designs using rotomolding – the process of creating one-piece products by using a hollow mold that is filled with polyethylene then heated and rotated – they are capable of creating highly durable designs, with thick surfaces and structural integrity.

Easy to clean

One-piece polyethylene products have no cracks and crevices where debris and fluids can gather. All of this together allows for the easy cleaning of the entire product using just a damp cloth, water and soap.

Chemically resistant

Premium polyethylene also can be chemically resistant to body oils and fluids, salt solution and cleaning solutions – adding years to the life of the furniture. This is especially important for high-use environments where there is a high turnover rate in occupants. This resistance provides highly necessary infection control not found in furniture made of inferior materials that may stain or include areas where fluids may accumulate.


High impact polyethylene furniture is structurally robust, dent resistant and cannot rust. Additionally, polyethylene furniture that is manufactured as one piece is much less likely to break than furniture that is produced using multiple parts connected with mechanical fasteners. In a nutshell, the fewer the pieces the fewer the problems.

Custom Polyethylene color

Personalize your design with a wide variety of polyethylene color options. Made from recycled plastics, each collection of polyethylene color options won’t absorb moisture and won’t need to be treated, painted or stained. Virtually maintenance free, your custom design is engineered to withstand seasonal elements including sun, rain and harsh temperatures.

Constant development work in the field of plastics creates a moving target for accurate color realization across product lines. Our custom color plastic standards can be delivered in custom resins to closely match the look and feel to ensure your brand identity.

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Weight 14.5 kg
Dimensions 73 × 83 × 72 cm

Black, Grey, Orange, Blue