Club 107 Solid Walnut Edition 2019

Click to download the production process Walnut Club 107

Depth 85 cm
Width 86 cm
Height 75 cm
Weight 70 kgs


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The Club 107 Walnut by Max Jungblut is a timeless natural beauty, unique by its genuine material.

Solid Walnut beams with magnificent wood texture, softly follow the rounded form of this chair.

This ultimate seating is made in a 4-Axis CNC machine, followed by a handcrafted finish in layers of several satine epoxy layers. It is a solid, 70 kilogram Club chair of the highest conceivable quality, is an eye-catcher with the utmost fine sitting position and fit all sizes.

Walnut wood with a natural touch supports the body when seated and caresses the eye as an object of attention.

Additional information

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 85 × 86 × 75 cm