Club 112 MELANGE 03 UPHOLSTERED with Divina from Kvadrat

Club 112 Melange 03

Depth 91 cm
Width 93 cm
Height 80 cm
Weight 16 kgs

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My name is Club 112 Melange

This is a special edition

At least that’s what everyone calls me.
But I don’t care, because I am “me”.
A name is nothing but a name.
I got my identity from my creator, my guide, my father. He made me out of wood. With his bare hands he created me from scratch. I feel that I originated from freedom and passion.
My creator borrowed me from nature.
Maybe I am an animal, a creature on four legs.
Now I am older. In the road to adulthood, I continue to hold my father’s hand. He is my companion and protector. From the boxer, the fighter he once was to the artist he is now he leads me to my higher Selve.
He currently supplies me with my different skins. All those colors and textures make me feel like a chameleon. I beam when necessary and disappear in the crowd when desired. My father only lets the best craftsmen work on me! With the greatest care they cover my complex naked skin with color and matter, textures and stitching. My goal is to travel the world. I want to conquer all continents in order to make my father proud.

I’m Club 112

You will hear from me!

Copywriting: Jean-Paul Caelen

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 94 × 95 × 80 cm